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  • Style: (Simple Shading / Polished Shading / VTuber / Chibi / Emotes)
  • Type: (Bust / Halfbody / Fullbody)
  • Commercial use?: (Yes / No) What is commercial use?
  • Amount of characters: (Max 3)
  • Characters name:
  • Personality: (Brief description no more than 3 lines)
  • Character origin: (Books / Movies or TV shows / Anime or Manga / Original)
  • In case of original character: Do you have the design done or Reference Sheet?
  • Background: (Basic / White / Transparent are free charge)
  • References: (Images and / or videos. You can attach them or send me the links from google. Only textual references are not accepted)
  • General description: (Briefly describe the general idea of the commission or add some additional information)
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