Before you order a commission, please read all the information below.

  • The purchase of the commission is for digital art (it’s not printed or deliver physically).


  • Only graphic references or images will be accepted. Forms with only text references, will be discarded.


  • Base prices include a default file size and type mentioned in Prices and Samples. If you need a different size and / or resolution than the one offered, ask me.


  • The quick completion and / or request of the shorter delivery deadline to I offer will require additional charges.


  • You can check the process of your commission on my Waiting List.


  • Keep in mind that my way of working is by order of arrival, maybe when you make the payment, I find myself working on others commissions already paid, so they have delivery priority. Until I finish one of them and make a space on my Waiting List, I might not be available to start with yours if you just paid for it, so it’s normal if I don’t start right away.


  • The Commissioner / Artist can’t share personal / contact information with third parties.


  • I have the right to reject your commission request if I don’t feel comfortable drawing it or don’t meet the requirements listed below:



    • Original characters
    • Fanarts (manga / anime / games / TV shows / movies)
    • Sexy things are fine (ecchi / yaoi / yuri / nudes)
    • Kemonomimi (cat ears, for example)
    • Soft gore
    • Simple and / or small animals or creatures, ask me.
    • Light armor


    • Mechas / Heavy armor
    • Hentai / porn and/or that you see explicit genitals (NSFW)
    • Furry
    • Only background
    • Manga / Webcomic / Webtoon o anything that includes panels
    • Gore
    • Old people
    • Characters with very exaggerated proportions
    • Animals

1. Fill in the form provided in the Commission section.


2. Once sent, it will take me around 24 hours to review your application, which will be accepted or rejected and you will be notified via email.


3. Once the application is accepted and the details of your commission have been defined, I will send you an invoice by PayPal to make the payment.


4. As soon as I receive the payment, I will start to work on your commission.


5. You are allowed to request WIPs from your commission at any time, as long as the requests are made at least 72 hours apart. I may post some progress in my social networks while I am working on it.


6. Once the commission is finished, it will be attached in an email in full resolution (A4 to 300dpi -2480 x 3507 px- / or in square proportion in similar size if applicable), in the chosen format (JPG or PNG).

  • I only accept PayPal as a way of payment.


  • Payment will be requested once the details of your commission are defined. You can choose between two payment methods:
    • 1. Full payment upfront.
    • 2. Half of the payment upfront and pay the other half once the sketch is finished and approved. Please note that I will not continue to work on your commission until I receive the second payment.


  • Please pay within 1 week. If you can not, specify when and why.


  • An electronic bill with the details of the transaction will be issued once the payment is made, in the name and address of the person whose PayPal account is associated. This information is provided by PayPal after the invoice is paid, so you don’t need to send any kind of additional information. You don’t have to do anything with the electronic bill or represent any extra charge, it is only a formality and requirement that my country requires me to pay the corresponding taxes for my services.


  • If you don’t pay after a week, in which the invoice was sent without warning me of the delay in advance, I have the right to cancel your commission. If you make the payment anyway, it will be full refunded if I can’t work more on it.

During the stage of the sketch, you have 2 (two) free reviews.


    • Changes of clothes
    • Change of pose
    • Expression changes
    • Additional item


Once approved the sketch, you have 4 (four) free minor revisions: 2 during the lineart and another 2 during the coloring stage.



    • Changes of clothes
    • Expression changes
    • Additional item
    • Change hairstyle
    • Skin / hair color / eyes change.
    • Color adjustment



    • Change of pose
    • New background
    • Different outfit
      (these changes have an extra cost)


  • Once the commission is finished, you can request 2 very small additional revisions such as color adjustment / radio adjustment or resolution (this last one, only if is possible).


  • Make sure that the initial description of the commission is accurate and comprehensive. I am not responsible for the misinterpretation if it isn’t written correctly, isn’t concise, ambiguous, wrong or lack of information. If you don’t have a very specific idea of what you want and you are not sure, I suggest you refrain from commissioning.


  • If you want to apply more reviews of the offered ones, I will charge an additional charge for each of them (depending on the complexity of them, they may have different rates).


  • Errors committed by me that must be corrected (for example: lack of some detail to the design, mistake in the expression, etc …) don’t count as revisions.


  • Once the commission is finished and delivered, the process of the same will be closed and the free revisions will not be available. Paid reviews may not be applicable.


  • I have the right to refuse or charge an additional fee if you wish to make a change in the final image after you have previously approved it.

You are allowed to use the commission in any non-commercial way:

    • Share it on your social networks (always in low resolution) and giving me credits for art.
    • Use it as an avatar, signature, banner etc … that is for personal use.
    • Print it in any format (posters, cups, t-shirts, etc …), always for personal and non-commercial use.


The commercial use of a commission is subject to the form of generating lucrative income with it. Whose purpose is accepted, as long as you have notified me at the beginning of your request.


You are NOT allowed:

    • Use it for commercial purposes (if your request was ‘personal commission’).
    • Claim it as your own.
    • Edit it
    • Share the file in high resolution.


Private commissions or without permission of publication in my networks / portfolio can have an extra cost of privacy.


I (the artist) have the right to:

    • Use / sale of the completed commission as part of my portfolio / artbook, as long as the commission requested has been of a personal and non-commercial nature. In case of character design, you have the rights of the character and will be mentioned as the owner of them.
    • Share in my social networks WIPs and the finished work (in low resolution) as a self-promotion of my commissions or of myself as an artist. I will not share files in high resolution and / or PSD files on sites like Patreon or Gumroad.

Refunds and cancellations are accepted under the following conditions:

    • You are allowed to cancel the commission at any time before payment.
    • Once the payment is made, I will not make refunds under any circumstances. If I have a problem that prevents me from completing your commission within 3 months after the payment was made, I will offer a full refund.
    • It is not allowed to request any type of refund in case of exceeding the deadline due to the slow progress of the commission, because the client fails to communicate or it is intermittent.
    • In the event that the customer ceases any communication in the middle of a commission for 3 months or more, there will be no refund available and it will be discarded, unless an additional fee is paid.
    • Once the commission is finished, there will be no refund available.
    • If you request a Paypal chargeback when you were not allowed to request a refund, you will not have any of the aforementioned rights to the commission and I will have the right to reuse and obtain benefits from it.

Commissioning me means you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned. If you, the client, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsible for your own misconception. Any questions related to commissions, do not hesitate to write me at commissions@orihimestudio.com