CLIP STUDIO free brushes packs


Are you looking for CLIP STUDIO PAINT free brushes? Then you have come to the right place! In this post you will find 10 packs of free essential brushes to download, which I put great use in most of my own illustrations.


1. CLIP STUDIO Hair Highlights Mega Pack (6 brushes) #1

It is a pack of 6 brushes designed for hair highlights, each with a different shape.

If you have trouble with the highlights of the hair (or you are too lazy to do them like I do sometimes), these brushes are for you!

Another pack of 10 brushes designed for hair highlights with new shapes:


It is a pack with 2 different Neon effect brushes. It is ideal to write a message or draw a shape that accompanies the illustration.


Pack of 3 different brushes with the shape of large particles. You can use it as a lighting effect or simply to transmit a warm / romantic atmosphere to the scene.


Brush with spray effect. It is ideal for creating starry skies, dust particles, etc …


Pack of 4 different brushes of leaves for trees and bushes, very useful! I have personally used it in some illustrations and it has given me an excellent result.


Pack of 6 different brushes to make clouds. Like the previous pack, this one was very useful to me:


Brush that simulates the effect of prism particles. This effect is used a lot when I give the last details to my illustrations, generally in areas where there is lighting contrast.

Apply it with the layer in “Add (Glow)” mode, lower the opacity until you feel comfortable with the effect and that’s it! If you want you can apply a little blur, it will look great!


Pack of 2 brushes with hexagonal shape for lighting effect. They can be applied as final details in illustrations of a night scene in the city, generate a warm / romantic atmosphere, etc …


Pack of 4 brushes with the shape of little stars. You can give it multiple uses! as a final detail of your illustration (using a single color and low opacity), as a colorful background to accompany your character, etc …


Let your imagination fly by combining these CLIP STUDIO free brushes, try them with different layer blending modes, different colors and opacity. Most are helpful in adding “that final touch” to your illustrations.

If you tried one and you liked the result, do not hesitate to leave your comment telling your experience!

These brushes are created by users of the CLIP STUDIO ASSETS community, if you find any problem downloading them or they are no longer available, you can mention it in the comments.

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