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Do you know about PRISM brushes? not yet ?, well in my opinion you are missing a great collection of CLIP STUDIO resources! In this article you’ll find 10 FREE PRISM brush packs for CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

What is the Prism effect? According to Wikipedia: An optical prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light. At least one surface must be angled—elements with two parallel surfaces are not prisms […]
A dispersive prism can be used to break white light up into its constituent spectral colors (the colors of the rainbow). Furthermore, prisms can be used to reflect light, or to split light into components with different polarizations.

This effect is very attractive and used, for example, in the area of photography with light reflections where you can see its decomposition in various shades of the rainbow:

In our case, some sample illustrations with this effect are:



It is very simple to make these details in our illustrations. Next I will name you 10 FREE PRISM brush packs for CLIP STUDIO PAINT, which you can download for FREE. Let’s get started!


Note: These brushes are not my own. Therefore, if you find that one is no longer available or changed from free to paid, let me know in the comments and I will modify the article.


When you’re using these brushes, set the layer to any of the following blending modes: Screen, Add, or Add (Glow) and lower the opacity until you feel comfortable with the effect. You can also add a Gaussian blur to the prism particles or use the blur brush, it will look great!

Prism particle brush. You can use it in dark areas of lighting contrast.

3 brushes with polygonal shape that resembles confetti, with the color effect of hologram flakes.

3 brushes shaped like prism sparkles.

One of my favorites! It is similar to the previous one, but the sparkles are a bit thicker and it works great on large canvas sizes.

I shared it in my article 10 FREE ESSENTIAL brush packs for CLIP STUDIO PAINT and it couldn’t be missing here! The effect of this brush is more subtle than the previous ones, they are smaller prism particles.

2 Brushes with a color splash effect, similar to the prism effect. Both are the same, they only differ in the amount of particles (one throws more particles than the other).

Prism sparkle brush. The size of the particles changes depending on the pressure of the pencil.

Prism Particle Brush, the shapes are a little different from the previous one and bigger.

Prism Particle Brush (has at least 3 different shapes in a single brush).

Yes, that is the name of this brush which is not actually a brush. These are 5 ellipses with different shapes and types of prism sparkles. Something new and very useful if we want our prism effect to follow a uniform oval direction, halo type, sometimes difficult to achieve with brushes. With this tool, we draw the shape of the ellipse and then, the effect is applied automatically.

With these prism brush packs for clip studio you can achieve this effect very easily. Try them with different layer blending modes, use the blur tool and change opacity, experiment with them and you will notice a difference in your future illustrations.

Good luck!

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