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Step by step Kizuna AI Fanart + SPEEDPAINT

Did you know about Kizuna Ai? she’s the Queen of all vTubers! (and is my favorite) so, she deserved to be drawn before jumping into hololive hell lol

I’ve been following Kizuna Ai since she started and it’s amazing how far she’s come! Although I’m not very satisfied with the direction her channel took in this days (there’s 4 or 5 Kizunas!), I still have a fondness for the character and would like to do more fanarts with her other designs in the future.


By the way! I shared this fanart on Twitter and AI chan liked it ♥

Take a look to the speedpaint of this illustration:

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This Kizuna Ai fanart was done completely live on my Twitch channel. Thank you very much to all who always accompany me while I work and support my effort ^^

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