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Step by step Lumine (Genshin Impact) fanart + SPEEDPAINT

I started playing Genshin Impact just after it came out and I loved it! By far, it is one of the best free to play RPGs I have ever tried. To this day, I try to be active in the game and aware of updates and new characters, therefore if I was going to start to draw something, my first fanart of Genshin had to be Lumine:



Her character design captivated me, she is very cute! In spite of that she isn’t my favorite character or the most that I choose to play, I have a lot of affection to the character cuz with her I started at the beginning (and I played wit her a lot) until I decided try others (I’m sorry Lumine, but I love to play with Beidou and break everything haha ~).

With this fanart, I started to play with a more marked light source and the shadows that it can have on the character (something I hadn’t done before), and trying to color everything looking for a balance between the tones, it was difficult but I liked the final result:


I even followed that same logic in my Amber fanart (I changed the direction of the light source):



If you liked my Genshin Lumine fanart, you can take a look at the speedpaint ~

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